Microgreens Harvester

Our Microgreens Harvester has been engineered and designed with the farmer in mind. It takes approximately 2 minutes to trim a tray by hand, but the Harvester is the newest technology to take harvesting to a new level and can cut full trays every 3 seconds while keeping the cut consistent and damage free.

Multiple Sizes Available

Our Microgreens Harvester is available in 12”, 24”, 30", 48" & 60" widths.

Quick Harvesting

The Microgreens Harvester is capable of cutting a tray approximately every 3 seconds.

Emergency Stops

The Microgreens Harvester is equipped with E-stop buttons to help ensure safety.

+ - Product Info
The Microgreens Harvester was engineered and designed for speeding up the process of harvesting a variety of microgreens and baby greens. This machine has been designed to ensure your greens stay fresh and vibrant as it provides a fast, clean cut allowing your product to move to the next stage quicker. The Harvester is ergonomically friendly and is most efficient when two people are operating.

It is recommended one-person loads front the front end and the other person unloads at the back end. The trays are placed on an infeed conveyor belt and as they are harvested the greens are separated onto an incline conveyor belt. The greens are then dropped into a basket ready to be moved to the next stage of processing.
+ - Technical Specifications
12” and 24” Main Features
Infeed conveyor belt;
2 E-stop buttons;
Easy-to-use control panel;
Cutter motor;
Blade tip guard;
Incline conveyor belt;
Tote stand;
Adjustable blade height;
vVariable conveyor speed;
Removable belts for cleaning.

12” & 24” Footprint

144.5” length
74.25” incline conveyor belt height
+ - Other Information
The Harvester is shipped in a crate and is ready to install upon arrival, no assembly required. Replacement parts available.

Growers are saving up to 80% in labour costs!

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